Wednesday, July 29, 2009


TIME IS ON OUR SIDE..............................

Time is on our side and I say that with the utmost pride.

Because how many peoples’ fore fathers you know,

Could’ve went through slavery and survived.

History ain’t no joke we’ve just become desensitized.

Concerned with the plight of everyone else,

When our own people are struggling just to stay alive.

Kidnapped, raped, hunged, burned, and brutalized.

And we got the nerve to do drive by shootings,

And perpetuate this racial genocide.

Homicide, metacide, and fratricide.

We’re leading in every category,

Because we simply won’t open our eyes.

Jealousy, hatred, and envy.

Man we hate our own damn selves sometimes.

Can’t even look at the reflection in the mirror,

Because we know what’s laying dormant on the inside.

But time is on our side.

You ask what makes me say that and why?

Because how many of our mothers thought about having an abortion,

But all praises she changed her mind.

It’s not her fault she had a no good man by her side.

Pimping, hustling, faking, and struggling,

Chasing a never ending high.

We were given a chance to live for a specific reason at this time.

All you got to do Black Man is find out where your destiny lies.

We are beautiful people we’ve just been hypnotized.

Caught up by this world’s glitter and gleam,

Uncivilized by the uncivilized.

But we are God’s children and the cream always rise.

Destined to be great leaders and teachers,

If we would simply obey God’s Guidelines.

He is the creator and to us he never lies.

He shows us the path to truth and righteousness,

Because in Love is where he resides.

He wants us to be happy in all walks of life and have a stable piece of mind.

But first you must you must have respect and walk with an upright spine.

Heaven is right there in your family Black people so Love one another
and be wise.

Men learn how to be good Husbands and women learn how to be good Wives.

Children respect your parents this is what God said in Ephesians
chapter 6 not I.

And parents raise your children with Love.

The longer we do,

The longer time will stay on our side.

"The HottestNewPoet" Natuwah

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