Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ron Haynes Is welcome by the City of St. Louis At The Stimulus Rally II Water Tower! NCYC Y-HOPE ? TO SOON HOST RON! Y-HOPE? 2009

Hello my brothers and sisters I want to thank you for the prayers and support. We had a successful rally we had the largest crowd we ever had in St. Louis reminded me of one we had in Atlanta. God blessed us to unite with Pastor Solomon Williams of the New Jerusalem Cathedral Church who is one of the pastors in this city that want to see change in the community through the gospel. I'm so blessed at this time to meet as many pastors that want the same.The city of St. Louis, through Pastor Williams and Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. donated for the rally a 16x16 stage, 20 picnic tables,10 trash barrels, 100 balloons, and a tent for shade that can hold up to 100 people. Harmony health care donated 2 porta potties and 4 smaller tents for shade.The anointed artist Slugger Roo, Nedra, Minista, were a blessing to the crowd. New Jerusalem Cathedral dancers and Georgia Haynes(mime) brought cheers and tears from the crowd. But "a child shall lead them" the GRT steppers caught people by surprise as they stepped for Jesus. Their ages ranged from 5-16 Finally after Slugger Roo finished ministering in rap about salvation it was time for a word from our sponsor, Jesus Christ. We brought the Word that Jesus didn't come into the world to condemn the world but through Him the world would be saved. God so loved the "hood" that He gave His only begotten son. The alter call was made for the community and people came forward from picnic tables, from under the tents, and the perimeter to pray. Of course we then made it personal and hands went up to receive Christ. When the dust settled over 32 people gave their hearts to the Lord including some that came to church the next day (Sunday) to give their life to Christ. One of which was one of a vender's team that served at an informational booth at the rally. Praise God! We(Pastor Williams and I) gave out 3 Brand new Bikes for a drawing then came the after party by DJG. The people didn't want to go home they celebrated until dark and until the city came to pick up the tables... Oh I almost forgot channel 2 and channel 4 sent cameras to highlight the rally on the 9:00 and 10:00 news. To God be the glory what He's is dong in the STL.

P.S. My brother Gregg Haynes and the "Happy Guitar" and I will be ministering this Sat. the 25th @6:00pm.@New Life C.O.C.I.C. 5062 Maffit @ Norwood in a street service all are welcome help usher souls to the Kingdom

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