Friday, July 17, 2009


Dear: Community
The North County Youth Council and Y-HOPE cordially invite you to partner with and participate in the Y-Hope Summer Concert 2009, a community outreach event which will be held on Saturday, August 15 from 4-7p.m. at Dellwood Park, located in North St. Louis County. The theme of the event is “Bridge over Troubled Water” The purpose of the event is to engage 500 youths, ages 8-18, with community stakeholders and resources for the purpose of empowering our at risk youth. Our vision is to sow a spirit of healing, opportunity, prosperity, and education that lead to hope. This event will link youth, young adults, residents, city officials, businesses, and community faith based organizations with the Divine purpose of service to our community. The City of Dellwood has endorsed this event. This Summers Youth Concert will include live music, motivational speakers, flag football, youth activities, networking, barbecued hot dogs, beverages, snacks, and t-shirts! We welcome and need volunteer time and financial in-kind contributions from partners and community supporters; which will help unite the resources that will ensure the success of the Y-Hope Summer Concert 2009. The North County Youth Council was organized in 2006 to provide a safe haven for youth ages 8-18 in North St. Louis County; and offers spiritual guidance, academic support, recreational activities, social development, and community-based mentoring. The programs are presented under the leadership of caring committed adults of faith. The council operates an after school program, three days per week; a “Winners Luncheon” (bi-weekly), which includes lunch, motivational speakers, Christian fellowship, and recreation (flag football) on Saturday mornings. We aspire to ensure continual growth and development in the community as we offer at-risk youth, age 8-18, holistic alternatives to healthier, fully functioning lifestyles. Please help sow seeds as we accept this undertaking. No assistance shall be deemed too small. We all must make the difference. Sponsorship options are available to meet each collaborators objective. I am requesting a meeting with you to strategically integrate your community based goals with the goals of this project. If you have any questions, or should need to communicate with me prior to meeting, contact me at: Please make all donations to Northminster Presbyterian Church / Y-HOPE? 1570 Chambers Road, St. Louis MO. 63136. Thank you.

A North County Youth Council / Y-HOPE? Youth Community Collaboration...

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