Monday, July 20, 2009

The Healing Blessing behind Y-HOPE?

God knows how many of our youth are hurting and confused. The power of the Y-HOPE? concerts and youth outreach is in healing that leads to hope! In many communities of our inner cities, we have a church on every corner; but few members ever come into the neighborhoods to address our increasing youth problems and needs! So often physiological research has proven that the behavior of our at-risk youth are symptoms of being traumatized . Many times we as adults talk at our children and not with or to them. Religion , families, and communities without relationships have become very ineffective. Y-HOPE? is first and foremost a God fearing outreach of people for change. To do the same things and expect a different outcome/result is the definition of insanity. Y-HOPE?'s vision realizes that we must do something different, by building healthy relationships with our youth if we expect a different outcome. People we cannot get around building positive relationships, or be without faith in our communities. So during and after the Y-HOPE? concert we will be doing just that. This is why the theme of the Y-HOPE? concert is Bridge Over Troubled Water. We view our youth as being in the troubled waters of life needing a bridge of love, faith and works for them to find the path that leads to hope. The Good Book teaches us that faith without works is dead, nevertheless, if we have faith but no works “then let us reason that fear must be in control! People the only thing that cures fear is love! For only in perfect love is there no fear. The good news is God is love! So in saying this, we work like it all depends on us; but always know God is near! So friends let us remember as we journey into Y-HOPE? Youth Concerts and outreach, that love is the key and foundation that leads to Youth healing!

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